Photography has always been a part of my life. As a child I would pretend to be my own imaginary disposable camera. During road trips I could always be found looking out the window utterly mesmerized by the scenery that zoomed past our Volkswagen Rabbit. Pretending that when I blinked I was in fact capturing that scenery or moment in my mind as if it were a photograph.

Now I have a BFA in photography and live in Los Angeles. I offer photography services that can help your business/personal brand grow. 

Vision and Visual Processing make up about 20% of your brain!  Written text takes a longer time to process, but images just jump out at you are far easier to understand. People tend to be lazy browsing online, make it easy for them to grab on to your message.

Your website (and Social Media) is the first impression your customers receive when they decide to seek you out.  This happens long before making a purchase or initial contact.

If you represent your brand in a visually engaging manner, customers will naturally feel inclined towards making contact (or a purchase) with your brand.

Together we can create authentic, high-quality, and engaging content for your Visual Branding Strategy.


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